How I Made $10,000 A Month Using Black Hat SEO at Age of 14!

Black hat SEO

Black hat SEO is the fastest way to get organic search traffic.

At least that’s what I used to say back in 2012. SEO used to be all about manipulating search engines, you know why?

Because it worked! in this article, I’m going to show you how I was making around $10k a month using black hat SEO techniques when I was 14!

The world has changed, Google got a lot smarter with their search engine algorithm. so most of the techniques I used, are now completely useless. be careful with using them, you might get yourself penalized!

What is Black Hat SEO?

Black hat SEO is a branch of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) a number of unethical techniques and tactics that are widely used by website owners to improve website ranking without satisfying the searcher intent.

#1 Keyword Stuffing

(It’s the best way to get yourself banned by Google!)

#2 Buying/selling backlinks

(Widely used among small startups.)

#3 Hidden links/texts

(They’re mostly ignored by Google.)

#4 Auto-generated backlinks (GSA, SEnuke TNG)

(Very dangerous and not effective in 2019)

#5 Redirecting an expired domain to your main website

(My favorite strategy of all time 🙂 )

#6 Buying fake traffic (doesn’t affect Google Ranking directly)

(It doesn’t affect PageRank or Domain Authority but it’s widely used by a lot of Blackhat SEOs to make their PBN’s look more natural.)

#7 Sending Negative SEO to your Competitors

(low-quality spammy redirects or links from “bad” websites, or sneaky claims.)

#8 Blog Comments

(Linking to your website in blog comments)

#9 Creating Massive Duplicate Content

(Google usually doesn’t penalize for creating duplicate content, but expect a drop in your search engine ranking!)

#A Private Blog Networks (PBN’s)

(Building a network of blogs, and linking to your money site.)

#B Forum Link Building

(Linking from your forum post/profile to your main website.)

Manipulating Google Suggest (Google Instant)

(Yes, it’s possible!)

Buying Social Signals/Shares

It doesn’t affect ranking, but helps to look more “”popular” and “natural”


Buying Fake Google Traffic (CrowdSearch)

Are you wondering how I did it?

Ok, Let’s get started!

Buying An Expiring Domain

The first thing I did I searched for high-quality expiring domains all over the internet with some existing PageRank (+3). I was lucky enough to find a good one in less than an hour.

P.S: Google doesn’t update its PageRank publicly anymore.

Good news: There are some other alternatives such as Moz DA, or Ahrefs DR

The reason behind doing that is, Google strongly prevents new websites from showing up in the first results of Google (Google Sandbox), and also expiring domains have some domain authority and link juice, which makes it a lot easier, and faster to rank!

Google doesn’t like new websites AT ALL!!! Trust me on this!

Do you need to find an expiring domain?

Don’t worry! I got this covered!

Domcop (Paid) and ExpiredDomains (Free) , FreshDrop (Free) and ExpiredDomains.Io (Free) are the websites that I use to find expiring domains.

Expiring Domain Checklist:

#1 Is it Indexed in Google and Bing?

#2 DR (Ahrefs): +20

#3 TF (Majestic): +10

#4 Spam Score (Moz) : >2

#5 Age: +3

#6 Wayback Machine (NO ADULT CONTENT!)

#7 Any Spammy links/Anchor Text (Ahrefs)?

#8 Domain Relevancy : +

Let’s start with ExpiredDomains.Io:
(Because It’s free, right?)

Ok, let’s find an excellent expiring domain.

Select “Advanced Search” and this section pops up.

excellent expiring domain

Choose the main keyword in your niche, “SEO” for example.

And now, we have to shortlist the domains by age and domain authority .

I recommend using the expiring domain checklist (click here).

Writing Articles

Once I purchased the domain, I had to make sure that I have some valuable assets on my website because at the end of the day, ranking #1 on Google doesn’t mean anything, if your website doesn’t look trustworthy.

When you’re doing a pure Black hat SEO, You need to look natural, right?

Articles are one of the best ways to hide your shady tactics 🙂

I EXTREMELY suggest you write 10-15 unique articles, publish each of them once a week.

Tip 1: If you use WordPress, you can easily set a schedule for your posts.

WordPress Editor

Web 2.0 Link Building Strategy

Right after I published the articles on my website, I bought 500 high-quality Web 2.0 backlinks from someone in India for $125.

Web 2.0 Backlinks are the links from Blogging Platforms such as Blogger or Tumblr and they used to be a very effective strategy when I started doing black hat SEO 7 years ago. They’re less important now and might get your website penalized. so be careful!

After 3 weeks, I observed a huge jump in my website ranking, I started getting 350-500 unique visitors daily.

How cool is that? That’s the power of black hat SEO 😉

GSA, SEnuke TNG Link Building Strategy

Warning: This is the most outdated, dangerous method that I can come up with in my black hat SEO campaigns!, it’s simply very dangerous in 2019, and I wouldn’t suggest it if you’re thinking long-term.

Once I reached 500 visitors a day, I started sending GSA links to my another website 301 redirecting it to my main website.

Guess what happened?

I built 61,100 GSA links and almost tripled my visitors in less than 2 months!!

SEO GSA SENuke RoadMap
Adding Affiliate Products

Once I reached 7,500 visitors per day, I signed up with Amazon Affiliate and added some affiliate products on my website.

Guess what happened?

I waited for 2 months to grow more visitors, and improve my ranking but after all, I had a %1.1 conversion rate, which wasn’t considered great in my niche. I felt most of my visitors aren’t converting into actual customers.

That was a problem!

You know why?

I had to pay an insane amount of money to Hostgator for maintaining my website!

I was literally giving up, I knew I had to make a decision.

I contacted my friend Hans, he’s now a successful entrepreneur in Germany.

He suggested me to use Google AdSense to make some instant money. But at the end of the day, I knew I had to improve my conversion rate!

Using Black hat SEO tactics was my only strategy at that time, I was really bad at selling and marketing!

I stopped using GSA and black hat SEO tactics, instead, I started creating lead magnets.

I had to remove all of my affiliate products to make my website more user-friendly, and get more people into my email list.

Thanks to Email Marketing (and my Black Hat SEO skills :D) I was making around $7,000 EVERY MONTH!

Email Marketing is the most effective way to increase your ROI and conversion rate when you’re using affiliate marketing.

I started building links again to get more people into my website.

That’s All!

By the end of the sixth month, I reached $10k per month.

Can you really make money online by just spamming the web?

The answer is yes, but it doesn’t worth it in the long run!

I hope you enjoyed this article.

Do you think Black Hat SEO is a great way to grow an online business?

If so, Please let me know your thoughts and comments on this.

26 thoughts on “How I Made $10,000 A Month Using Black Hat SEO at Age of 14!”

  1. Maybe you should start believing that thinking “short-term” isn’t the answer, and doing things long-term a.k.a building trust/brand with your websites is in fact the answer.

    I still try different “quick fixes” but most don’t work because Google wants you to work to get top ranking.

    My site has 75 category and posts which allows me to try different approaches for each page. And despite what I’ve spent to experiment – I still can’t tell you what consistently works. But so far here’s what I believe has gotten me over 300 first page rankings:

    1) keyword research
    2) long form content (over 2,000 words each page/post that answers questions related to product
    3) directory backlinks
    4) time

  2. Thanks, It’s a long term race with SEO. The short term was back in the day before the penguin update. A couple of old timers have tales about that era.

  3. I’ve been doing SEO now for over 6 months but I just ran into a problem I couldn’t save myself from.

    I just lost a heating and air company to another company that is charging $550/m for a 10 page optimization SEO plan (including web hosting).. I told him that sounded like a scam as $150 is too cheap for anyone to put in real effort (he was paying me $950).. I showed him a 5.5x increase in traffic since June and showed him Google business stats of 20x increase in “actions” but he claimed he doesn’t make money from his website, only referrals and sales that he does on his own… Bummer that the other company is going to sit on my work and pocket the money now..

    I feel like this was inevitable from day 1 because I wasn’t setup to prove results down the road… Any resources to help with this .. good reporting templates anyone uses.. maybe an idea for a new course module?

  4. I really do HATE it when “grey hat” or “black hat” tactics are suggested by the so-called “SEO Gurus”

    Seriously, instead of wasting your times on get-links-quick or other shady tactics that are only going to give you a quick boost and then fall off – why not spend the time doing something valuable for your site that will last the long haul?

    Who the heck has time to think of shady ways only to get your site(s) penalized? I’ve noticed more and more people talking about PBNs, link hacking, buying links on Fiverr. Come on, everyone.

    1. Agreed but it’s still part of SEO.

      Let’s not dilute the professionalism that most SEOs have with these things. Especially when most SEOs are constantly fighting the issue of customers who “know it all” or don’t understand that real SEO can be a waiting game.

      I know all the black hat ways, yes I know the grey hat ways and back in my day these were all white hat at one point, the answers to questions all lead to white hat SEO for business clients or your own sites but never knock the years of knowledge people share, questions are questions to be answered that’s all.

      it’s up to the individual to choose the best path 👍 being totally ignorant of varying or different methodology and strategies is a critical flaw in truly understanding how things rank, this defines a well-developed SEO and one who can answer the questions clients believe me will ask you at one point 👍

    2. Quit worrying about the hat and start worrying about the results you get and the value you bring for clients and the internet as a whole.
      If you are upset about thin spammy PBNs, fine, but I have seen some PBN sites that are better put together and offer way more value than the “clean” white hat guest post sites.

    3. I agree and think the black hat is a waste of time in most scenarios. However, there is always room for argument and ways to make money with said tactics. That being said, I think it’s important to know what other people are doing so that you can avoid it and know to look out for.

    4. Keep in mind…

      just because it is not specifically stated as supported or not in the platforms use agreements… Does not mean that it is good for the platforms. They will eventually figure out that it is bad for their customers and not only stop it from occurring but will, in most cases, assume that the folks that were doing it were only doing it to get over on the platforms and not to provide the best experience for the platforms customers.

      And then block them, put them on lists… and all the other stuff that can really hurt a good business that was only doing it because some rouge SEO “EXPERT” said it is what they should be doing and even showed how fast they can get results. In addition, in almost all cases that same business is also blocked from paid adverts on those platforms as well…

      I am only saying this because I have seen it and it can really hurt good hardworking people trying to build a good business. Believe it or not, you do have some responsibility to ensure that you are crystal clear with your customers to what you are doing.. why you are doing it and the risk/rewards that can come from the efforts.

      This is why we only do paid ads while we build up the organic and communicate with the platforms so they know what we are doing. We take the business we are trying to help very seriously, also to avoid being sued, and in many cases have invested our own time and money as well. Just saying…

      I’m saying this for the affiliate SEO’s or those that make money off of their own sites.

    5. It is possible to rank a brand new site from scratch organically, with NO backlinks in a super low competition market, but it probably will take a long time to do, and may end up being ineffective after all of that hard work put into it.

    6. I wonder how many people have “how to disavow pbn links” articles prepared for the day Google smacks the *** out of them. If you started today you’d definitely rank one and you’d get a ton of traffic when it happens.

  5. Running on a site I developed from bare metal (LAMP stack) for my SEO client … I’ve poured literally years of time into taking their site to the cutting edge for on-site SEO. Also done a lot of off-site work including all manner of grey hat techniques.

    The client is a small business but it markets internationally. At one point I had them up to #2 for their best performing keyword, vs. a few dozen other competitors who are far better funded.

    Right now, we’re #7 for that keyword. Leads are beginning to wane. Revenue is low. My client looked up and realized it was a “break glass” moment. Now I’m sitting here, stumped, trying to figure out what I can do to get fast SERP results.

    One thing I’m not so good with outreach to other sites. Networking. Can’t handle that. I’m a hacker, not a relationships guy.

    Do you have really hot on or off-site SEO tips for getting results fast? white hat, black hat, grey hat, purple hat – I’m down with anything that won’t put my client at major risk. Just out of ideas and need suggestions.

    1. It just breaks down to how valuable the site is to you, if it is your business that you want to take seriously over the long-term then do white hat, but if it is a throwaway site just to make a few bucks off of affiliate commissions, people may not care to spend crazy amounts of time and energy ranking it.

      I’m gonna say it because I think some people might be afraid to, some people need to get off of your their “white-hat” high horse and face reality from time to time.

      For clients a lot of people agree that you should practice pure “white-hat” SEO, but for situations that ACTUALLY NEED RESULTS (rank and rent/PPL) the opportunity for passive income sometimes becomes worth it to add a little gray-hat mixed in with white-hat.

  6. I’m working on a simple SEO strategy for clients and I’m thinking of including link building as a part of it. I would need to outsource this as I usually do on-page stuff but my main concern is how would I present this to a client in a way that they would easily understand the process? I don’t really understand it myself!

  7. Here’s my response:

    If we’re talking about, “when will techniques that don’t abide by Google Webmaster Guidelines stop working” than my answer is never.

    There are an insane amount of grey areas that aren’t technically 100% white hat but will likely always be something that needs to be done in order to rank.

    For instance, technically only creating content for search engines is against Google’s guidelines.

    Who’s to say I’m creating content for the search engine or it’s searchers? Am I suppose to take a solemn oath?

    Now if we’re talking about links, I believe they will lose their value over time to the point where Google will no longer need them to rank content (yes you can all disagree with me I’m okay with it). In my opinion, the question should be, where are we headed? And if that is the question, I believe we are going in this direction:

    1. Authority building through omni channel marketing.
    2. Focusing heavily on searchers intent / UI
    3. Focusing on UX

    There’s of course way more that plays into this like on page, technical SEO, schema, etc. but all of this (in my opinion) should correlate with these three things.

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